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Christmas 2

December 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Marta said we haven’t posted in a while here.  I reminded her that this is her blog about B.  I was only a guest or featured writer.  But it has been a month since anyone wrote anything.  We should remedy that. 

It’s the Holidays, the Pagan underpinnings with the other religions of the world frosting over it.  I like this time of year.  It goes too fast, when it’s over you want it back, and you don’t want to take down eveything you just put up a month ago.

This is really the first year B will probably really like getting up and seeing what Santa dropped off. That we’ll instill some traditions as a family. Marta and I were talking about this the other day too.  We don’t want to neglect the parts of the holiday that make one reflect on how blessed we are, how grateful we should be, how special it is to be with one another. All this when many can’t say that.  So we’re beginning to not focus on the ‘getting of stuff’ for Christmas, to appreciate what we have, and to give to those who aren’t as fortunate.  It’ll be a start.  Everyone knows a 1 year old 1) does not like to share 2) will throw a tantrum 3) can be as stubborn as a mule.  Couple in our personalities into a diminutive person and you have a recipe for many teaching moments.  For those characteristics we hope the groundwork holds fast to him and that he anticipates the Holidays for those things, not for the stuff under the tree. 


Perchance to Dream

November 15, 2011 Leave a comment

As I look at my pair of pants that I thought were clean – and they probably were – that have a line of mucous near the kneecaps – I wonder when we will ever have uninterrupted sleep again.

At one point on Saturday, Mr. Croup watched as both of us accidentally closed our eyes.  In that small cat nap while Elmo and his World talked about the sky, I actually dreamt of watching sesame Street and having a new cell phone.  That I knew the cell phone wasn’t mine was the reason I woke up, made myself wake up, because I knew it was wrong.  While his barking cough kept us worried again, he was quietly engrossed in the land of monster muppets and Dorothy the gold-fish.  Maybe in his head he knew that Mom and Dad were tired and that he’ll be quiet for a little bit. 

When we reminisce fondly of nights that last longer than 5 hours in blissful oblivion it is long overdue.  So to my lovely boy, Major Tom, I may, many years from now, call you when your my age, at around 4 am, just to let you know I’m thinking about you.

Before I was ready

October 28, 2011 1 comment

He takes his hat and mittens off and puts them in his cubby.  He moves to take his coat off and asks me for help.  Soon as it’s off he puts it with the hat and mittens and runs over to play.  I go to the doorway and step out into the hall.  I say goodbye to him and he waves back.  He goes back and I head out the door.


September 13, 2011 1 comment

Another daycare drop-off story.  As I’m checking him in, I set him down and he quickly drops his blanket and gets a Lincoln Log out of a bin near the front door of the daycare.  He shows it to me, says “OOOoo!”  and I nod.  I ask him nicely to please put it back, but he decides to taste it and head for the front door.  I ask again to put it back and ask him to come here so we can head to his class.  The ladies behind the desk buzz the door open.  So now I’m holding the door with my leg while trying to steer B toward the open door.  He picks up his blanket while still holding the Lincoln log and puts it back on the floor just out of my reach.  In order to pick it up I have to let go of the door. 

I swear this is how he planned to keep that lincoln log.  As soon as I let go of the door to pick up his blanket he sprints through the door as it locks behind him. I look through the window to see him smiling at me holding the lincoln log.  The ladies behind the desk up front are laughing hysterically and admiring how fast he is.  They buzz me back through and B runs for his class laughing as I chase after him.

I did get the lincoln log back

B and music

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment

I know kids bob up and down to music.  B is no different, tapping his feet, moving his hands up and down, looking at you hoping you’ll join in.  While he likes the Silly Songs and naturally well known songbooks of kiddie tunes, he’s just as apt to dance to Danger Doom, Pearl Jam, Opeth, Rage, Alicia Keys, Madeliene Peryoux, or the Smiths.  He boogied in utero to Talking Heads and was happy to hear Mumford and Sons alongside the Smiths and Fleet Foxes.  

You see the car commercials of parents being embarrassed that they switch on the radio and some “Wheels on the Bus” version comes on to the jeers of friends.  Currently, I’m hearing “Crown of Thorns” from Pearl Jam and I can see B bobbing to it.  It’s unfortunate he’s inherited his father’s dancing skills.  But I hope he retains the eclectic nature of the music he hears in the car and at home.

Sad Eyes

August 29, 2011 Leave a comment

He was quiet but the look he gave me made me feel like I had done something so terrible I should live the rest of my life ashamed.  I would have taken the crying fit over that look, of eyes rimmed in tears and just hoping I wasn’t dropping him off again. 

I tried something new.  I let him walk, with his blue  blanket clutched around him, from the check in through the door to the hallway.  He was timid and it took a minute or so of coaxing just to see a few steps.  As I got into his classroom, he backed up against the door he had just come through.  I moved my hands and called his name.  Quietly and unsure, he stopped at the doorway and understood. 

God, it broke my heart.  Picking him up to get him in the classroom his cries were raw like the tears.  He’s been reverting to not going down easy and his hoarseness made it all the more unbearable. 

If we could change it B we would.  It may be that he’s getting older and understanding. It may be the onset of separation anxiety.  The only certainty I know is that he’s sad when I go. I know he’ll forget it soon as I pull the car away and he has a day full of friends and activities.  It’s too bad I won’t forget it as easily.

He knows

August 22, 2011 1 comment

I came home yesterday to a clean, happy toddler.  His hair wet, a big smile on his face. He was looking out the window looking for me.  I was in the doorway to his room when he noticed I was actually behind him.  His smile got a little bigger as he slapped his hands down onto the ottoman of the chair.  He said “Da-da!” and giggled.  He knew I needed to see and hear that.