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Perchance to Dream

As I look at my pair of pants that I thought were clean – and they probably were – that have a line of mucous near the kneecaps – I wonder when we will ever have uninterrupted sleep again.

At one point on Saturday, Mr. Croup watched as both of us accidentally closed our eyes.  In that small cat nap while Elmo and his World talked about the sky, I actually dreamt of watching sesame Street and having a new cell phone.  That I knew the cell phone wasn’t mine was the reason I woke up, made myself wake up, because I knew it was wrong.  While his barking cough kept us worried again, he was quietly engrossed in the land of monster muppets and Dorothy the gold-fish.  Maybe in his head he knew that Mom and Dad were tired and that he’ll be quiet for a little bit. 

When we reminisce fondly of nights that last longer than 5 hours in blissful oblivion it is long overdue.  So to my lovely boy, Major Tom, I may, many years from now, call you when your my age, at around 4 am, just to let you know I’m thinking about you.

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