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Another daycare drop-off story.  As I’m checking him in, I set him down and he quickly drops his blanket and gets a Lincoln Log out of a bin near the front door of the daycare.  He shows it to me, says “OOOoo!”  and I nod.  I ask him nicely to please put it back, but he decides to taste it and head for the front door.  I ask again to put it back and ask him to come here so we can head to his class.  The ladies behind the desk buzz the door open.  So now I’m holding the door with my leg while trying to steer B toward the open door.  He picks up his blanket while still holding the Lincoln log and puts it back on the floor just out of my reach.  In order to pick it up I have to let go of the door. 

I swear this is how he planned to keep that lincoln log.  As soon as I let go of the door to pick up his blanket he sprints through the door as it locks behind him. I look through the window to see him smiling at me holding the lincoln log.  The ladies behind the desk up front are laughing hysterically and admiring how fast he is.  They buzz me back through and B runs for his class laughing as I chase after him.

I did get the lincoln log back

  1. September 13, 2011 at 7:16 am

    Our kid is awesome!

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