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B and music

I know kids bob up and down to music.  B is no different, tapping his feet, moving his hands up and down, looking at you hoping you’ll join in.  While he likes the Silly Songs and naturally well known songbooks of kiddie tunes, he’s just as apt to dance to Danger Doom, Pearl Jam, Opeth, Rage, Alicia Keys, Madeliene Peryoux, or the Smiths.  He boogied in utero to Talking Heads and was happy to hear Mumford and Sons alongside the Smiths and Fleet Foxes.  

You see the car commercials of parents being embarrassed that they switch on the radio and some “Wheels on the Bus” version comes on to the jeers of friends.  Currently, I’m hearing “Crown of Thorns” from Pearl Jam and I can see B bobbing to it.  It’s unfortunate he’s inherited his father’s dancing skills.  But I hope he retains the eclectic nature of the music he hears in the car and at home.

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