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Making friends with Alex

The relationship between Bennett and Alex has been tenuous at best.

At first she totally ignored the small little ball that screamed and always attached itself to her momma.

This is a photo of Alex the night we brought Bennett home from the hospital.

Feelin' sad

Things seemed to get a bit better at Christmas. Alex was getting accustomed to the extra (unwanted) person in her life and Bennett hadn’t yet begun crawling, so Alex could easily escape his sticky and indelicate grasp.

But then things got a little less friendly when Bennett started to crawl. Alex found herself suddenly leaping over this tiny person who enjoyed her presence MUCH more than she enjoyed his.

Things seemed to deteriorate significantly once Bennett realized the speed advantage of push toys.

Fear not. The relationship has taken a turn for the better. Alex has started to realize that this little annoying human can provide one thing her human mom and dad have consistently denied…PEOPLE FOOD.

It remains to be seen if this new symbiosis will be enough to save the relationship once B-man is able to sprint.

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