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Father’s Day

Dear Son,

I thought it would be easy to relate to you, on this, our first Father’s Day together, how special you have made my life in the short time you’ve been with us, crawling, and now walking.  Even in this small span of months, how proud your mother and I are of you.  You are already confident, a practical joker, easy to laugh, and committed and jealous and headstrong and the beginnings of a person I will admire and proudly proclaim as my son.  I sense you have all the good qualities of your mom and I.  We hope so.  But I find it hard to actually relate to you how it actually feels to be your Dad.  You’ve given me so much already in what you teach me every day.  It’s very cliché to say you taught me patience and to be a better man.  How to be more relaxed on a schedule, to roll with the punches, etc.  Yes, you will come to understand my humor in time. 

I see how you brighten anyone who comes in contact to you.  You leave me bite marks on my arms and snot on my shirts.  Your laugh and smile make me want to see that all the time.  You really taught me that your mom and I make awesome kids and how we don’t want to damage you or your eventual siblings too much.   I love that you love music, that you dance, that you smear food all over yourself, that you make sure Alex gets some too.  You are a fireball when you’re asleep, you look like your mother with your mouth open, and you’re already throwing frustration temper tantrums when you don’t get your way.  We’re sorry we didn’t pick up on your sign language until a few days into it.  I love that you get excited when the water from the bathtub goes on.  I love that when you crawl in sprints you lower your head and smile while laughing.  I love that look you get when you’re proud of what you just accomplished. 

You are exactly the kid we were destined to have.  Your stubbornness kept you safe within your mom, and your easy-going manner has kept you safe from the hazardous baby zone we call home.  Throughout this I watch and scold and teach and laugh and throw my hands up and lift you up high into the sky.  I wear you like a hat asking “Where’s Bennett?” and you giggle and laugh.  You hold my finger tight to walk more than a few steps, then your mom and I high-fived when you walked across her yoga mat,  and then yesterday you actually walked up to me when I came to pick you up from daycare.  I understand your gibberish, I want yo to succeed, I want to be the father that you deserve to have. 

As your mother said thank you, I do too.  Thanks for choosing us.  We will try to not disappoint you.  We may discipline you, smother you too much, or do things our parents did that you will do to your sons or daughters.  We will love you through countless holidays and the other days in-between.  I am truly blessed to have a son.  Not just that, I am blessed to have you as a son.

  1. June 15, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    I have the most amazing husband of all time. I love you cute boy!

  2. June 15, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    BTW, thanks for making me cry while at work. I bet people think our dog died.

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