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Like Clockwork

If B gets a tooth it’s only a matter of time.  If he’s been well for 20 days, you start the countdown.  There hasn’t been one month where our poor little man hasn’t had some malady that has forced us to go to the doctor and find out exactly what’s going on.  99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time it’s an ear infection set off from his teething.  The teething makes everything attached to his face leak, drool, snot, ear wax, you name it.  So, because of this, he gets ear infection after ear infection. 

I know dear readers, we went to the ENT guy and he ruled it out at the time.  Now, 4 infections in (2 per ear) I think we’re okay to say that we are mildly upset that we’re making another ENT appointment.  Could the past 4 infections have been prevented?  Now that he’s miserable that compounds the whole sleeping through the night as well. Oh yes, he gets 3 shots now too then gets many more shots on friday for his 9/10th month vaccinations.  The kid cannot win and neither can his parents.  If this is the way, 8 teeth in, that the rest are going to come in, I would just want them all done at the same time, have one huge ear infection to end all ear infections and leave B in peace. 

It probably also doesn’t help that dear dad has some allergy/flu/hybrid baby virus snaking through and it’s making him slightly irritable.

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