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Tornado sirens went off all around us last night.  Mother and father worried about huddling from the storm, calling our friends to ask if it was cool if we came over and had a midnight get-together in the basement if it got worse. 

Lots of wind, lots of rain, and through it all – one baby that would not wake up.  I now believe there is a conspiracy with this child.  I think the evidence is overwhelming.

This night of super duper weather fun kept us awake and partial residents of the lower half bath.  The other nights that were calm and peaceful resulted in the dulcet tones of an unhappy baby to rouse us.  In conclusion, Mr. B is just trying to keep us up, and if it’s done without his help, then he need not wake up.  Even asleep, this kid is too clever and diabolical.  Plus, I think he has a deal worked out with Starbucks and Monster energy drinks.  A small percentage kickback for the increase in their business, because, as you know, a baby has certain needs and that college fund won’t magically supply itself.

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