Friday night was the start of our run at getting B to stay down all night. As with all good fighters throughout the years – Ali, Louis, Pac-man, and fictional Balboa – he would not go down easy or without a fight.  Around 1am Saturday morning the sirens kick in and Mom and Dad go to the monitor to watch it all play out. 

He struggled mightily, he hugged the crib rail and stood for the greater part of two hours, hollering and wanting someone to acknowledge that he was needing attention. 

Marta and I are stubborn people.  Roll that adult stubbornness into a 22+ pound kid and you have a child that would rather sleep with his head on the rail then let go, lay down, and accept that he is defeated.  Point in fact that on this particular morning, when the urge to sleep finally overcomes him, he squated down in the corner of the crib, still grasping the crib bars, and fell asleep with his head up against the corner so he wouldn’t fall over.  Going in to see if he was ok after this struggle he looked like the bottom of a totem pole.

The past two nights have gone on in a similar fashion but in shorter intervals, different areas of the crib rail to try to sleep on, and other awkward angles to rest his head against.  It seems to be working slowly.

  1. May 17, 2011 at 10:09 am

    I LOVE “he looked like the bottom of a totem pole”!!!!! Just awesome and perfect. LOL.

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