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A letter to my son on my first “official” Mother’s Day

I suppose this is actually my second Mother’s day. Last year I was hugely pregnant, watching my belly swell and in awe of the miracle of you.

B at his godfather's college graduation (his other godfather is in the background). Taken Mother's Day weekend, 5/6/11.

There was a time when I wasn’t sure I’d ever celebrate Mother’s Day. Your dad and I prayed for you. We asked for strength and patience. Deep down, I always knew you would come to us on your own timeline, but it was a very long wait.

Last Mother’s Day I was just coming to terms with the fact that my prayers had been answered. You were so strong through the entire pregnancy and you taught me to trust in life and to let go and allow it to unfold as it will.

Today you’re nine months old. Your dad and I struggle to keep up with you. You have a total of six teeth and you bite us often. I think you’re trying to kiss us, but your dad claims otherwise (you have gotten him pretty good a few times).

You’ve been crawling now for several months and you’re standing all by yourself. You’ll walk any day now.

You love to cuddle. Just a few minutes ago I came in from doing yoga on the deck and your face lit up and when I picked you up, you laid your head against my chest and my heart melted.

I knew you would be a strong, amazing, joyful soul–I could sense it–and I was right. Every day I learn something new from you. You don’t realize it (and probably never will), but you have restored my faith and made my life complete.

So, on my first “official” Mother’s Day I want to say, “Thank You.”

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