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I was even more wrong – there is a tired beyond imagining

B turned 9 months.  B has also not slept soundly in over 2 weeks.  That means the parents haven’t slept soundly in over 2 weeks.

Here I am working and getting through the day somehow.  Some switch inside must make me go and make me alert even at 2am to try and calm down the crying ball of fury.  I think of Apu on the Simpsons saying to his wife after waking up to feed their 8 kids “I had a wonderful dream that I was dead.”  And she deadpans back to him, “Not until they go to college.”

And Marta and I always laugh at the incredulous “Banana Bread!”  gag in that episode. 

I thought Marta would talk about B’s swimming or Easter now, but she may wait until her wits come back to her and she sleeps in for Mother’s Day.  Stay tuned for that.    I will divulge that Mr. Man is talking more, using utensils poorly, and is comprehending tone and words more and more.  He also wants to bite me constantly.  One particularly hurtful nibble made me shout out and he promptly melted down and screamed in my ear resulting in partial deafness for a time and teeth marks on my forearm.  I hope he doesn’t do it to any other kids in daycare or anyone else he may come into contact.  That BS needs to stop. I know you bite them back to teach them that it isn’t right, but I don’t know if he understands it.  That may come later. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

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