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I was wrong – there is a more tired

Last night B decided that sleep during the agreed upon sleepy time was to be negotiated.  Little man decided to voice his displeasure at the edge of the crib on 3 separate occasions.  He planned these in the most effective manner by spreading them out just enough to get your eyes closed and have them spring wide open again when his cries resonated from the monitor.  Marta got the worst of it as in these instances Dad just doesn’t cut it.  The cherry on this insomnia sundae was the latest round of thunderstorms that ripped through the city that also wanted to keep us awake.  You win B.  You win Mother Nature. Can we discuss your terms after Marta and I can string together more than 2 hours asleep?

2 cups of coffee, one soda, and one energy drink and I cannot think of anything else other than falling with a smile on my face onto a mattress into a dreamless oblivion that lasts at least 12 hours.

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