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Is there a more tired?

I believe I will never feel fully rested ever again.  When I dream of waking up and feeling refreshed and then instead wake up to the alarm clock and stumble over weights and discarded clothes to get to the bathroom I surmise that tired is forever linked to me.  Not just to me, to M too.  B on the other hand goes and goes and goes.  He smiles when he’s asleep, he rolls over and over covering a half mile or so when he’s stone cold slumbering. When he’s tired he curls up on mom or when there’s no other alternative, me, and passes out, usually with his butt up in the air and thumb firmly in his mouth.  I suppose that would be frowned upon in the workplace to push things off my desk, lie down on it, and snore a few minutes away.  Not very professional. 

So, tip of the cap to those of you who can live for days on a few scant hours of sleep.  A bow of envy to those of you who get the doctor recommended dose.

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