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Mama > Dada

Everyone agree the cartoon is great?  Kinda looks like Marta if she was in the video game Rayman. 

B, I think all who meet him would agree, is a character cut from the same cloth as his mother.  The cartoon is pretty accurate.  At no time has B said ‘Mama’ to her unless he was feeling sick.  He’s said it to me, he’s reveled in it, he jabbers ‘mamamamamaamama’ and then, as soon as she asks, he goes silent and reverts to ‘dadadadad.’ In his high chair two days ago having a great time:

M – say Mama

B- Dada

M – no Mama

B – (smiling) Dada!

G – Not dada, say mama

B – (looking at me, then smiling) dada!

He knows exactly what he’s doing and I believe he gets a kick out of it.

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