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The Hum of 3:45 am

B has a various assortment of surveillance and bio reading devices around and under his crib to make sure he’s doing what he should be doing while asleep.  The past two nights he’s been doing something new.  It starts around 3:30 or 4 and goes on for 10 or 15 minutes, or in the case the day before, causes him to wake up and scream for momma.

We hear shifting on the video feed, he moves around and then it starts:


This cadence isn’t yelling or crying or screaming.  It’s him saying ‘aaaa’ over and over again.  It wakes us up and we try and get back to sleep because we know if we go in there to check on him he’ll get up.  This is especially true if M goes anywhere near his room.  The kid has some hyper sensitive mom radar that can sense when she is near.  The day before she turned on the dryer near B’s room, he caught a glimpse of her, and he proceeded to pull himself up to the edge of the crib and scream and cry for her to pick him up.  Nevermind it was 4-something in the am.

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