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First day at Mary Castle ELC

Bennett seems to love his new day care. When I came to pick him up last night he was playing in the ball pit. He looked up, smiled and proceeded to go back to playing. I guess some moms might be sad that their kid wasn’t super-duper pumped to see them, but I’m honestly really happy that he’s having such a good time and is really engaged.

The other thing I really like about this new day care is that they take photos of him throughout the day so that we can see how he spent his time.

Here’s the progression of Bennett’s day…

Wagon ride with his new friends:

Then he had some “studio time” with a special art teacher that comes once a week (he seems to think the paint is yummy):

At the end of the day they spent some time reading What Mommies Do Best/ What Daddies Do Best. I was relieved to know that mommies and daddies do the same things (no traditional gender roles for B-man).

The day ended with a wipe out on daddy:

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