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Dad First Post

M asked me to take a few swings at posting to her blog on the daily days of us and B.  I will do my best. If I’m thinking about him at the moment I reflect on last night when he was crawling after me.  Well, he was crawling after me until he saw a cord to the lamp that he had to try and fit in his mouth.  After moving him away from danger he resumed his crawling sprint across the wood floors.  He was so proud of himself and gave himself a cackle of encouragement as he smiled and came to the next worst thing he would try and fit in his mouth – the dog’s towel to be used when she comes in. 

Anyway, it was fun to watch him be so adamant about traveling, moving, and getting there fast.  There’s no slow crawl, there is jumping, a quick burst, and then the cruise.  He gets his hands up so high and drives them down that it is more like he’s slapping the ground than using his arms to move him forward.  I know this phase won’t last long as he’s already pulling himself up and balancing without help a second or two at a time and tackling stairs at daycare.  I believe, and I think M thinks so too, that B sees older kids doing things he wants to do and accepts the challenge to do them.  He saw a kid clap and now he’s clapping, the Real Major Tom came over and was standing and now that’s all he wants to do – I would imagine he’d try other things if placed in front of him.  It may be that all kids are terrific mimics, but I only have the one so I say he’s a super genius. 

And finally, he has great taste in music because he claps when Dad sings Opeth’s ‘Porcelain Heart’ to him.

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