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Goodbye Learning Time

Bennett sitting on Sue's lap on his last day at Learning Time. She's cared for him since he was 12 weeks old. He's eating mommy's Blackberry case.

Today is Bennett’s last day at Learning Time Preschool. After some frustrating experiences with the administration (not his teachers) we’ve decided to move him to the Lawrence Township Early Learning Centers (ELC).

Bennett has been at Learning Time since he was twelve weeks old, so it was a little emotional when we dropped him off today. His teachers were both really sad, which made me cry and made me proud all at the same time. What a beautiful, impactful soul we have created. I think it’s a testament to the type of person Bennett is. In his short time he has made a difference in the lives of many people.

Every day Greg and I marvel at how much joy Bennett brings to our lives and I feel incredibly grateful that he brings that joy to others. Thank you to the teachers at Learning Time for taking good care of Bennett and for recognizing how special he is.

Judy and Bennett on his last day at Learning Time. Judy has been with Bennett for a few months, but he loves her.

Tomorrow he begins at the ELC and Greg and I are excited by the changes he’ll experience. Every week he’ll do an art project with a special art teacher. The building is a lot more secure and only four teachers are permitted in the infant room (all of whom I’ve met). There is also a certified nurse on staff, which will be a big benefit for our kid and his perpetual ear infections. Teachers take photos every day, detailing what they’ve done, which should be pretty cool for the blog. Plus, it’s a bit cheaper and that means we’ll have a date-night fund! Since it’s in our local school system, if it works out he’ll also go to kindergarten in the same facility.

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