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Bennett crawls forward!

He’s been struggling for a couple of weeks now to crawl forward, but has only been able to go backward.

Check out this video from February 2:

Even still, he’s pretty mobile.

This is where I found him last night when I came to pick him up from daycare:

Bennett hiding under his crib at day care

Well, when we got home he crawled forward for the first time. It was a major victory for him. He celebrated by a nice chew on my BlackBerry case. It just occurred to me, he’s going after the BlackBerry case in both videos. Maybe we should give him some raw hide…

He was so proud of himself.

This shirt doesn’t lie…

Best Baby Ever

  1. March 11, 2011 at 11:33 am

    Lilly studied these videos very carefully. She’s been mastering scooting backward and is about ready to change to crawling. Good job, Bennett, and thanks for the long distance tutoring!

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